For reasons of safety and liability strollers are not permitted and dogs are not permitted on the course.

We appreciate your cooperation.

  • Mississauga Rd and Burnhamthorpe Rd. – you must approach from the west.
  • Orr Rd. and Southdown Rd. – approach from the west.
  • Jack Darling Park, Waterfront Trail
  • Port Credit lighthouse
  • St. Lawrence Park
  • Adamson Estate
  • Please be aware of road restrictions when accessing these locations.

Gels will be handed out on the Full Marathon course at the 24km mark. There are aid stations every 4km with water, Gatorade, port-o-potties, Vaseline, band aids etc.

Yes, for Saturday races they will be located at every aid station which will be the 3km mark for the Novo Nordisk® “Hazel” 5K and the 4km and 8km mark for the 10K.

On Sunday every 4km along the race course will have port-o-potties.

The Half Marathon will have timing mats at 8km. The Full Marathon will have timing mats at 8km, 21km and 25km.