Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I not asked for my t-shirt size during registration?
T-shirt sizes are distributed on a first come first serve basis at the Health & Wellness Expo.
Can I change my event?
Prior to Friday, April 19th, 2019, send an email to or call 905-949-1910 ext. 235 and let us know your name, registration number, the event you are currently registered for and your new event. After Monday, April 22rd, 2019, you can change your event by visiting the registration table at the Mississauga Marathon Health & Wellness Expo.
Do I get my money back if I can not run?
No, there are no refunds and entries are non-transferable.
May I register on race day?
You can register for available races at the Health & Wellness Expo but there is NO race day registration for the Full Marathon or Half Marathon. There is also no race day registration for either of our team relay events.

Race Day registration is available for the MNP 10KM and Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM at the Health & Wellness Expo before 3:00 PM, unless these events sell out. There is also on-site registration for the 2KM Fun Run/Walk at start line on Race Day Sunday, if this event is not sold out.
What is an iTab?
The iTaB is a plate engraved with your name, finish time* and this year we are offering an additional line for a personal message included in the price! iTaB fits neatly and securely in the border on the back of your medal. *(Finish time will not be engraved for 2KM participants as this event is not timed, they will be able to engrave a maximum of 30 characters). All other race participants will be allotted 15 characters for their personal message.
Can I purchase a registration as a gift?
Yes, you can definitely purchase a registration as a gift!
How do I fundraise for one of your charity partners?
Non-Registered Participants
You MUST register for the 2019 Mississauga Marathon to set up your online fundraising page. Online registration can be found by clicking the "Register Here" button at the top of the page and select Option 1 - Race Roster.  Be sure to complete the Scotiabank Charity Challenge section on the registration form by selecting "Yes" to participating and then answer the next few questions and follow the instructions.

Registered Participants
Find your desired charity on our "Charity Partners" page and click the "Fundraise" link.
Once the new page opens, click the "Sign Up" button and create your fundraising account.
How do I make a donation to one of your charity partners?
Non-Registered Participants
It's recommended for you to register for the 2019 Mississauga Marathon by clicking the "Register Here" button at the top of the page and select Option 1 - Race Roster.
Be sure to complete the Scotiabank Charity Challenge section on the registration form by selecting "Yes" to participating and then answer the next few questions and follow the instructions.

Registered Participants
Find your desired charity on the "Charity Partners" page and click the "Donate" link.
Once the new page opens, click the "Donate Now" button and complete the online form.
Where do I take my offline donations collected? 
Donations collected for your charity of choice are to be dropped off directly to them. Please contact a representative from the charity to coordinate the delivery.
Who will the donation charge on my credit card appear to be from?
All online donations/pledges made by credit card will appear on your monthly credit card statement as a purchase from "Landmark Sport Group".
I represent a Canadian Charity and want to register the charity to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. How do I register the charity?
Please contact:
Engelica Baluyot
Special Event Coordinator
I registered without the charity pin code which entitles me to preferential rates, can i get a refund?
Unfortunately, no. No refund is available after registration.
I registered for the scotiabank charity challenge, but i have not received or cannot find my confirmation email.
Don’t worry! Not receiving these emails does not necessarily mean that the registration was not completed. First, check your spam emails. Still nothing? Contact us and we will proceed with verification.

Where can I find an offline pledge form?
More information coming soon!
Health & Wellness Expo
Do participants in all events receive a shirt?
Yes. Participants registered in the Full Marathon, Marathon Relay Challenge, Half Marathon, MNP 10KM, 10KM Student Relay and Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM will receive a technical shirt! All 2KM Fun Run/Walk participants will receive a cotton shirt.
Where do I pick up my race kit?
Race kits will be available at our Runner's Expo. Location, dates and times for our Runner's Expo can be found on our Runner's Expo page.
Can I pick up more than one race kit?
It is very important for every participant to pick up their own race kit to avoid any issues or confusion.

Race Day
May I pick up my race kit/chip on race day?
For MNP 10KM, 10KM Student Relay and Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM participants, you can pick up your Race Kit before 3:00 PM on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the Health & Wellness Expo.

For Sunday's events (Full Marathon, Half Marathon & Marathon Relay Challenge and 2KM Fun Run/Walk) race kits must be picked up in advance at the Health & Wellness Expo.
Is there baggage service from the start to finish?
Yes, for all races except the 2KM Fun Run/Walk. Please note, no checking of purses, valuables or breakables will be permitted. Landmark Sport Group Inc. and any event volunteers or staff members are NOT responsible for lost or stolen goods. We will make an effort to ensure the right baggage is returned to the correct individual, but use baggage check at your own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not store, leave or hide any personal items, backpacks or packages along or near the race course including the start and finish line areas. Use the designated baggage check to store your personal belongings or leave your personal items with a friend or family member. If possible, please bring a clear bag for your baggage check.
How much does the Mississauga Marathon baggage service cost?
We do not charge for our baggage service so this feature is completely FREE for all participants!
Where do I pick up the shuttles for the 10KM Student Relay and Marathon Relay Challenge?
10KM Student Relay
All Relay Runners (A, B, C and D): You are to park at the Clarkson Go Station and use our FREE shuttle bus service which will take you to your corresponding start areas.

Marathon Relay Challenge
All Marathon Relay Challenge participants are to park at the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre (1399 Cawthra Road, Mississauga) and will be bused to their specific start areas/relay exchange points.

Runner A ONLY: Your best method is to use our FREE shuttle bus service from Carmen Corbasson Community Centre. However, there will be limited parking spaces at a variety of locations near the start line. To view this list, please visit our Marathon Relay Challenge page.

BE SURE YOU BOARD THE CORRECT BUS. All buses will be signed.
Can I take a shuttle to the start line?
YES! It is highly recommended for all participants to use our FREE shuttle bus service. A number of buses will be leaving from designated areas based on your race event. Schedules and locations of these areas can be found by selecting your specific race after clicking on the “Events” tab under "Race Weekend" on our website. These buses will be on a first-come, first-served basis and are reserved for participants.
Can spectators and families use the shuttles?
Yes. Especially when going to the finish area. There is NO parking at the finish area. For the locations of our shuttle buses please visit the specific race pages by clicking on the “Events” tab under "Race Weekend” tab then selecting the race you wish to watch as these locations will change based on the specific race.
Where is the start line for all races?
Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM - Lakeshore Rd and Front St. North, Port Credit. (just north of the Lighthouse)

MNP 10KM & 10KM Student Relay - Lakeshore Road at Johnson's Lane - just east of Clarkson Road

Full Marathon, Marathon Relay Challenge and Half Marathon - Celebration Square, City Centre Drive and Duke of York Boulevard

2KM Fun Run/Walk - Hiawatha Park, Cumberland Dr. and Hiawatha Pkwy.
Which relay runner wears the timing chip and do we pass it from runner to runner?
The last runner from each team MUST wear the timing chip in order to get an official time. The chip is NOT passed from runner to runner. The last runner will also collect all of the finishers' medals for each team member at the finish line.
Can I qualify for Boston?
The Mississauga Marathon is a certified Boston Marathon qualifier.  More information about qualifying times for 2019 will be here soon.                     
How do I wear my timing chip?
The timing chip will be attached to the rear of your bib. Make sure you do not scrunch up or fold your bib, as it may break the timing chip. Bear in mind: no chip, no time.
What is difference between Chip Time and Gun Time?
Gun Time: The time from the sound of the starters signal to the time when the runner crosses the finish line. Also known as the Official Time. All award categories are prized by Gun Time.

Real Time, Chip Time: The time from when the runner crosses the starting mats at the start line, to the time elapsed when the runner crosses the finishing mats. Prizing is not based on Chip Time.
What are some tips on Race Weekend etiquette?
Start Line
Arrive early. Please allow for extra time to park, check your baggage and get to your place on the Start Line. Pace signs will be posted along the right hand side of the start chute on City Centre Drive. Pace times are listed for the Full Marathon and Half Marathon. Please line up behind these signs based on your predicted finish time. A properly sorted field will allow everyone to run their best race. Just prior to the start you will be brought closer to the start line by the announcer. Garbage bins will be positioned alongside the start chute by the tents.

Cones, Barricades, Course Marshals & Police
The route is marked with traffic cones and barricades. Runners must stay within the coned runner's lane along each portion of the route. Always follow directions of the police and course marshals.

Bib Numbers
Your bib number must be visible on the front of your shirt along the entire route. Only runners wearing and showing a bib number will be allowed to cross the finish line and receive a medal and post-race refreshments. Race pictures will also be sorted according to bib number. Runners without bibs will not be permitted on the last 400 meters of the course.

The Course & Waterfront Trail
Sections of the Mississauga Marathon are run along portions of the Waterfront Trail. To accommodate everyone the following protocol must be adhered on trail sections:

All athletes must run/walk in SINGLE FILE along the right hand side of the trail. Faster runners must pass on the left. A quick, "ON YOUR LEFT" lets others know of your presence. Wearing headphones is discouraged as a courtesy to other runners who assume you can hear them approaching and for safety reasons. If you must stop please step off the edge of the course so you do not impede those behind you. Please drop all clothing and waste material at aid stations. Please do not litter the streets and parks of Mississauga.

Aid Stations
Drink tables are spread out over several meters at each aid station with Gatorade first and water second. Move towards the table, grab your fluid from the volunteer and move away from the table. Do not stop and drink at the tables. Other runners are approaching behind you. Please toss all waste cups as close to the aid station as possible. This assists volunteers in clean up.

Portable toilets are located every 2KM, and will also be in close proximity to each aid station.

Finish Line
Only runners with bib numbers showing will be allowed to cross the finish line. If you are walking alongside the course to accompany a friend or child, do not walk along the course or through the Finish Line. The Finishers Medal will be given to all people with a bib who cross the Finish Line shortly after they cross the Finish Line. Only move forward in the finish chute. Do not stop or double back to wait for friends. There is plenty of room after the finish chute to reunite. Post-race food is available to runners only.

On Course
What pace do I have to maintain on race day?
You must maintain a pace of 10 minutes for every kilometre along the route.
What are the times of your Marathon and Half Marathon pace bunnies?
Times for the pace bunnies are as follows:
- 3:20
- 3:25
- 4:00
- 4:15

Pandora Square One Half Marathon:
- 1:30
- 1:35
- 1:40
- 1:45
- 1:50
- 1:55
- 2:00 continuous
- 2:05
- 2:10 continuous
- 2:15 continuous

If you have an interest in being a pace bunny, please contact us at

Are strollers allowed on course? Can I bring my dog on the 2KM course?
No and no, only runners and bike marshals are allowed on the course due to the safety concerns of all participants along the route
What are the popular spectator spots?
Mississauga Rd and Burnhamthorpe Rd. - you must approach from the west.
Orr Rd. and Southdown Rd. - approach from the west.
Jack Darling Park, Waterfront Trail
Port Credit lighthouse
St. Lawrence Park
Adamson Estate
Please be aware of road restrictions when accessing these locations.
Are there gels on course?
Yes, there will be gels handed out on the Full Marathon course at 24KM/26KM and 38KM (17KM mark for the Half Marathon). There are also aid stations every 4KM with water, Gatorade, port-o-potties, Vaseline, band aids etc.
Are there port-o-potties on course?
Yes, for Saturday races they will be located at every aid station which will be the 2KM mark for the Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM and the 3KM and 7KM mark for the MNP 10KM.

Also, every 2KM along the Sunday race courses will have port-o-potties.
Where will timing mats (splits) be placed on the Full and Half Marathon?
The Half Marathon will have timing mats at 8KM and 16.5KM. The Full Marathon will have timing mats at 8KM, 25KM and 37.5KM. Live results will be available using the link posted on our "Results" page.
What is the elevation of the Half Marathon and Marathon course?
Please scroll to the very bottom of this page to view our elevation maps.
Am I allowed to walk, instead of Run?
Absolutely! We ask that all walkers will line up at the rear of the Start Line so that they do not block or impede runners that may wish to pass them.
Can I register if i use a wheelchair?
Yes. We suggest that all participants who are using a wheelchair line up at the rear of the Start Line, alongside the walkers. We would also strongly suggest that all participants in wheelchairs wear helmets. The time limits and pace are the same for all participants. If a participant needs a guide in order to take part in any of the events at the Mississauga Marathon, please contact us at There is no extra charge for registering with a guide.
Which races receive medals?
Finishers of all races will receive a finishers' medal.
How do I get back to my car from the finish?
Shuttles will run from the finish area at Lakefront Promenade Park back to all shuttle bus pick up/drop off locations and start line parking lots. Shuttles from the finish area at Lakefront Promenade Park will run on Saturday evening until 8:30 PM and on Sunday until 3:00 PM.
My family is at the start, how can I get them to finish area?
We highly recommend for you to use our shuttle buses going directly to the finish area instead of the start line due to space restrictions. There will be a very limited number of shuttle buses leaving from each race start line, going to the finish area except for the 2KM Fun Run/Walk. These spectators would need to walk/run to the finish area. The shuttle buses will leave immediately following the start of each race, minus the 2KM.
Where do I park at the finish?
Spectators for all races wanting to get to the finish area should follow the bus schedule for each specific event as the parking location is different depending on the race and there are some buses just for participants and some just for spectators. Parking locations can be found by clicking on the “Events” tab under "Race Weekend" then selecting the race you wish to watch. There is NO parking at the finish area.
How do I get to the finish line after I have run my relay leg?
A shuttle bus will wait at each exchange for all relay runners to complete their leg and then will bring you to the finish.
When and where are the awards and prizing given out?
Awards for the Novo Nordisk® "Hazel" 5KM will begin at 7:00 PM, followed by the MNP 10KM at 7:30 PM on Race Day Saturday.

Awards for the Pandora Square One Half Marathon event are on race day Sunday at 10:00 AM, followed by the Full Marathon awards at 11:00 AM. All awards ceremonies will take place within the finish area at Lakefront Promenade Park.
What are the age categories for the prizes?
Age categories are as follows: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+.
Do walkers get a timed result?
 Yes. All participants (excluding the 2KM Fun Run/Walk) get a timed result. There is a 6.5-hour cut off time for results which would be 2:00 PM on Race Day Sunday.
Will I receive my prize/award after the event?
 No, all prizing must be picked up on the day of the event. There is no prizing in the walking events.